Explain any number with account schedules.
Ready before you even want them.

Schedules are one of these things that you don’t think about – until you need them and spend hours tracking down suppliers or customer details.

zenflow automates the entire process for you. Instantly get the full story behind every number with just a single click.

Identify Customers and Suppliers Behind Every Number

Uncover the full list of customers and suppliers under any line item, and find the relevant transactions. Analyse the data to formulate better procurement and sales strategies, or flag problematic transactions.

Dive into supplier prepayments and deposits

Properly accounting for money spent on prepayments and deposits makes a big difference for insightful financial statements. zenflow explains the details and allows to track down such payments to make the most of the cash.

Keep track of customers with deferred revenue

Allocating deferred revenue to the relevant time period can be tricky for subscription-based businesses. With zenflow, you can easily access this information for accurate financial reporting.

Monitor payables and receivables over time

Besides only showing all outstanding payables and receivables at a specific date, zenflow helps you to visualise trends over time.

Ready to dive into your financial numbers?

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