Get Your Hands On The Charts

One More Way to Create Beautiful Management Reports with zenflow

We aim to make zenflow the most beautiful and simplest way to look at your company’s finances (on top of being super powerful of course).

That’s why there are beautiful charts available to monitor financial trends, revenue growth and understand the flow from Revenue to Profits with the P&L Waterfall.

Now, while having online charts is the fastest way to dive into numbers, there are cases when presentations have to be made. We heard you and zenflow now offers export functionality for the charts.

You can now export charts to high resolution png images as well as csv data.

Customize Your Charts

Charts can be adjusted to show different data, and such customisation is taken into account when exporting.

For example, when exporting the net cash chart, you could remove the Cash Balance and Net Cash data to focus on Receivables and Payables.

Here are 2 variations of the Net Cash Chart Export:

Chart Any Timeframe, In Seconds

Another customisation available within zenflow is the timeframe adjustement thank to our super cool selector.

Such timeframes selection update the charts instantly, and allow to have charts for whichever period one wants.

Include Charts Wherever You Want

Business presentations are often done in PowerPoint or Google Slides. Now with zenflow chart exports you can include such charts in seconds.

Export zenflow Chart to Google Slides
Editing a chart from zenflow in Google Slides

Edit Your Charts In Spreadsheet

zenflow also allows to export the data behind the charts in csv. Which means you can edit the data as you wish in your favorite spreadsheet editor.

Improve your financial visibility with zenflow

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