How Are Revenue And Expenses Changing?

  • Which expenses is increasing more than 5%?
  • Which revenue lines are decreasing more than 5%?
  • Are there new expenses during the period?
There are a few questions finance teams can use to review a company account and prepare management reports.

It used to be complex, time consuming and error prone to prepare.

The good news is: it’s now instantly available with zenflow!

zenflow analyses revenue and expenses to highlight what is significant for company’s accounts:

  • What is new?
  • What is increasing?
  • What is decreasing?
  • What did stop?
  • What is coming back?
And of course, as usual with zenflow, this is available for one or multiple companies (ie. consolidated accounts), and for any periods (monthly, quarterly, annually) instantly.

Improve your financial visibility with zenflow

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