zenflow helps Accountants

Accountants have a very demanding job, with lots of difficult work to do under limited time and under pressure.

From Bookkeeper to Strategist

It’s no secret that the roles and responsibilities of accounting firms have changed. Machine Learning and AI is around the corner. Businesses are expecting more than numbers.

Online accounting software such as Xero offers dozens of opportunities to integrate with other solutions, creating an ecosystem of interconnected app.

What used to take weeks to accountants is now done automatically by software.

zenflow aims to support accountants in this transition, both in their traditional role and by giving them the resources to be the advisor that clients now require.

Automated Reviews

Before sending accounts to clients or managers, conscious accountants want to ensure quality of their work. Often little time is remaining and errors go through. Zenflow makes the review process so simple, errors will be eliminated before anyone knows.

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