zenflow helps CEOs

By bridging the gap between financial and entrepreneurial skills, CEOs and leaders are equipped with information and skills essential to drive company growth.

You started your business to bring a vision to reality. You might not have the financial experience (or interest) to manage it. We got your covered.

Get the Entire Story of the Company Financials at One Glance

Gain direct insights into key financial drivers without having to take a finance degree. zenflow’s algorithm does the work for you by extracting key information, such as fast-growing clients and suppliers, as well as revenue and expense impacts. Now you can quickly make smart and informed strategic decisions. 

Produce Investor-Ready Financial Reports

For companies with operations in various countries, zenflow makes it easy to produce financial statements in different currencies. Our algorithm instantly converts your P&L and balance sheet into any currency that investors ask for, allowing you to present with clarity and confidence.

Understand Your Cost Structure

Not sure how to read a P&L or Balance Sheet statement? No worries, zenflow reads for you. Our algorithms extract the key information. Keep tabs on your fastest growing clients and suppliers. So you don’t end up with bad surprises when it’s too late. It is someone reading your financial statements for you.