zenflow helps CFOs

zenflow automates time-consuming processes, freeing CFOs and Finance Managers to focus on value-adding initiatives that help the company grow. 

Level up as a finance advisor

Create actionable insights and communicate more effectively with management teams and the boardroom. zenflow automatically extracts key information from financial statements, distilling dense accounting jargon into simple and beautiful charts that are easy to understand.

Report Consolidated Group Accounts

Get a full picture of your growing business in seconds. zenflow consolidates reports across companies, countries and currencies, allowing you to seamlessly manage intra-group transactions and translation reserves. 

Report in any currency

For a company with operations in different countries, or specific requirements for investors, zenflow allows you to instantly create multi-currency reports. 

Detect anomalies before they become issues

Ensure accuracy and consistency in bookkeeping without breaking a sweat. zenflow automatically detects potential issues that can be quickly flagged and corrected, giving you a peace of mind to focus on more important work.

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