How to manage the P&L and Balance Sheet grouping?

You might see no depreciation shown in your P&L, or wonder why some accounts get listed under Revenue or Sales…

Zenflow uses the account types, set in Xero’s Chart of Accounts to automatically group accounts together.

For some companies, Xero by default classify the Depreciation account as an expense, which zenflow then takes into consideration.

We suggest you change the account type to Depreciation to update the layout

Xero’s Chart of Account page, updating an account type

Xero’s Chart of Account page, updating an account type

The Xero’s Chart of Account page is here

How to set up consolidation's eliminations?

zenflow consolidation feature is a powerful way to turn individual entities into a group. The consolidation is nearly instantaneous. (Yeah, it’s like magic to save so much time and stress vs. manual consolidation).

When you consolidate your companies, you will probably want to eliminate intra-group transactions. In zenflow, eliminations are done at an account level. You will pick the accounts to eliminate as follow:

You can use it to detect differences in your charts of accounts.

And you can click ‘show elimination columns’ to… well, show the elimination column :)

Link to show the elimination columns

Link to show the elimination columns

  • Tick the boxes for accounts you want to eliminate

The Eliminate column allows to select accounts to eliminate

The Eliminate column allows to select accounts to eliminate

That’s it. zenflow consolidation calculation will then take these into account.

When numbers are not matching across organisation, the differences will be calculated and includes in the statements as needed.

What happens once I connect my Xero to zenflow?

zenflow will read your Xero data to start the analysis.

The first read might take several minutes (even hours for companies with lots of financial transactions in Xero).

Afterward, zenflow will automatically update from Xero every day. Such incremental sync is very fast. And you don’t have to do anything.

When you want to stop zenflow from reading you Xero account, you can disconnect it from the zenflow connection page or from your Xero’s connected apps page

If you want to delete and Xero data stored on zenflow server, just contact us and we will do so within a few days.

How to setup zenflow's Financial Analysis?

zenflow Financial Analysis has no set up required.

To start using it:

  1. Log into zenflow on the login page

  2. Create a zenflow account. The account name can be anything you wish (and you can change it later). For example ‘My Company’. No need of ‘Ltd’ or similar legal names.

  3. Connect with one or more Xero organisations.

zenflow will sync the data to our server and start analysing.

Yes, it’s that easy.