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How to set up consolidation’s eliminations?

zenflow consolidation feature is a powerful way to turn individual entities into a group. The consolidation is nearly instantaneous. (Yeah, it’s like magic to save so much time and stress vs. manual consolidation).

When you consolidate your companies, you will probably want to eliminate intra-group transactions. In zenflow, eliminations are done at an account level. You will pick the accounts to eliminate as follow:

1. Head over the Chart of Accounts comparison page

You can use it to detect differences in your charts of accounts.

And you can click ‘show elimination columns’ to… well, show the elimination column 🙂

Click “show the elimination columns”

2. Tick the boxes for accounts you want to eliminate

The Eliminate column allows to select accounts to eliminate

That’s it. zenflow consolidation calculation will then take these into account.

When numbers are not matching across organisation, the differences will be calculated and includes in the statements as needed.