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Inspecting Eliminations and Inter-company Eliminations

When using zenflow to consolidate multiple Xero accounts into group financial statements (which it does instantly), you might have noticed:

  • Yellow background cells highlighting eliminated numbers – It conveniently identify what is being eliminated and what’s not. If you notice needed eliminations missing, you can head to the Charts of Accounts page and activate accounts to eliminate as needed.
  • Elimination Deltas – It happens that not all numbers eliminated sum to 0… while double entry accounting requires such equality. The Elimination Deltas are the results of inequalities, impacting earnings as should be for all the statements debits and credits to match.
Balance Sheet with highlighted eliminations and resulting deltas (discrepancies between assets and liabilities eliminated)

You might want to dive deeper into these Eliminations, and see how the Deltas are evolving over time. So

  • Open the selector at the top of the page,
  • Go to the Companies sub menu
  • Click the “See Consolidation Eliminations Entries” link
Access the Eliminations Entries from the Companies selector

You will be directed to a page showing the Eliminations entries applied at any period, allowing to have no doubt about numbers showing up in P&L and Balance Sheet

The Eliminations Entries page shows the Debit and Credit applied at End of Periods and during the periods

You can quickly visualise any period by using the Period Selector as you do in the other pages:

Timeframe selector